Making Healthier Food Choices in 2015

By:Fertile Content
Updated:February 5, 2017

By Lizzie Dixon

New Year’s resolutions often focus on self-improvement. People want to improve their lives, their jobs or even their bodies by the time twelve months have past. For many, choosing to make healthier food choices is at the top of the list. Despite what people think, there are simple and easy ways to change what ends up at the dinner table in order to improve a person’s health, weight, and overall self-image.

Watch Portion Sizes

It can be tempting to load up that plate with food and quickly devour its contents. This tends to be the norm in most households. However, by decreasing the portion size, many people immediately begin to notice a change in the way they feel. There are several ways to decrease the amount consumed without feeling like you are missing out. Consider using those smaller plates, which are tucked away in the cabinets, instead of the large dinner plates. Take some time to create a beautiful presentation to add volume to the plate’s contents.

Add More Produce

One of the easiest ways to fill up the larger plate, while cutting back on portion size, is adding a heaping serving of produce. Add a side of green beans or corn to the plate. Change up the seasonings and try a new fruit or veggie with the meal. This adds substance to a meal and tends to be a healthier choice than other items on the plate. This doesn’t mean having a salad with every meal. But if you do choose to head down that route, try out a variety of items in the salad. Plain lettuce can get boring quickly and make it tough to stay on track.

Make Sugar Count

Most everyone needs something sweet every once in a while. But by cutting out those treats completely, many people find themselves frustrated with their meals and overall food choices. Instead, make sure that sweets count. Skip the candy bar and choose a larger dessert with a similar calorie count. Avoid sugary beverages that don’t satisfy and look for something more filling. To add something sweet to your every day meal, consider berries as a side dish or even in your salad for a burst of flavor. Better sugar choices mean that there is still room for treats while trying to eat healthy.

Drink Water

One of the hardest things to change can be which beverage makes its way to the table. In general, people don’t consume enough water. Instead, they fill up on beverages that are just adding empty calories from sugars. Water keeps a person satisfied in between both snacks and meals, helping decrease hunger throughout the day. Aside from being filling, water offers up numerous benefits to the body. As an added bonus, choosing water over other beverages will also have a positive effect on your grocery budget!