Google Cements its Presence in Schools with the Acquisition of Launchpad Toys

By:Fertile Content
Updated:February 5, 2017


By Quincy Longwood

Launchpad Toys recently announced that it is partnering with tech giant Google. The search engine company has once again extended its brand reach by acquiring the software company. Launchpad Toys produces applications, such as Toontastic, that are designed to educate kids in a fun and entertaining way. Both companies have expressed their excitement about the partnership and are looking to change the face of education.

Launchpad Toys announced the merger by placing a message on its website, letting users know that they had also made another major change to the brand. The company has decided to offer all of its apps 100% free. Now even more users can take advantage of its unique applications. Though it has not yet made any software for Google’s Android platform ecosystem, it is clearly excited about the opportunity to work with the search giant.

This is not Google’s first action in getting into the field of education. Chromebooks have been in schools across the nation for quite some time. And last year, the tech firm created software just for use by teachers. The classroom apps it offers will make it possible for teachers to collaborate using Google Drive along with Gmail. The games made by Launchpad will be a logical addition to the programs that are already offered to educators. Applications such as Telestory and Toontastic can aid teachers in instructing students on the proper way to create science projects and build their creative writing skills.

Google has historically created products that are designed for the business world. This latest step will help the company consolidate brand awareness among children. Stakeholders believe that this is a good move for Google; it will be able to market applications to children, helping to familiarize a new generation with its range of products and services. It has even stated that it is considering creating its own dedicated YouTube channel in the near future.

The timing of this acquisition seems quite logical. In recent years, schools have added iPads to their teaching arsenal. These devices have even started to take the place of the Windows based computers that have historically been the preferred choice of schools districts. Providing educational institutions with Chromebooks as well as offering the latest kid-friendly products could help Google to achieve further market share in this sector. This move may see schools continue to use Windows-based computers over the rival Apple products.

This acquisition may also help to reach out to parents that have a negative view of Google. Despite its market dominance in search, it has experienced some bad press lately with children making in-app purchases without parent consent. Offering this new software to schools could be just the thing to help restore the trust of parents in this global brand.