Where in the funnel?

The “funnel” is the path users take to your content. They have a lot of choices to make before they get there. If you content doesn’t match where they are in the funnel making choices as to what content they want to consume they will most likely pass it by. That’s why it is important to understand where the user is so you can create content that intersects the consumer correctly.

Broad Search

During a Broad Search the user may not yet know what they are searching for. A broad search is often an exploratory search with the user moving to further refine during a second search. For example, a search for “bear market” may lead to a second search.

Search Refinement

In the example above the user searched for “bear market” then from those search results may learn enough to refine to “bear market investing”. This is a common way for search refinement to be carried out as appending information to a text search is quick and easy.

Brand Discovery

At the Brand Discovery stage the user is often circling in on brands and beginning to learn about them. A Brand Discovery stage search does not yet include the name of a brand in the search query though. This stage is useful if you are creating content to help people learn about your specific brand.

Brand Comparison

At this stage the searcher knows your brand and is comparing with one or more other brands they learned about in the previous stage “Brand Discovery”. They are comparing you head to head with your competition. This stage normally includes your name in the search phrase.

Branded Search

At the Branded Search phase they are specifically using your brand name in the search. For example “Your Company reviews” or “about Your Company”

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