Four Common Mistakes Accident Victims Make During Claims Process

By:Fertile Content
Updated:February 5, 2017

By Quincy Longwood

Here are four major mistakes to avoid when seeking compensation for personal injuries and damages.

Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Attention

In some cases, accident victims decline medical attention despite obvious injuries. The reasons for declining care may include the following:

  • A desire to appear tough or stoic
  • Reluctance to incur medical costs
  • Responsibilities to children or other dependents on the scene of the accident Disorientation due to shock or head injuries

Regardless of the reasons, failing to obtain medical care immediately after the accident can seriously undermine any claims of injury at a later date.

Failing to Report All Details Honestly

After an accident, most insurance companies require that each party make a full and clear report of the events leading up to the accident and any relevant events after the fact. Failing to report this information honestly and completely can create reasonable doubt for the insurance adjuster and may reduce the settlement offer to a considerable degree. By being scrupulously honest and accurate in filling out these forms or during the oral interviews, injury victims can ensure the maximum compensation possible for their particular case.

Failing to Call the Police

In any incident in which one or more parties has been injured, the police should be called and a police report filed to ensure that the injured parties can obtain proper compensation if it is merited. Police reports are often given more weight by insurers and by judges than the testimony of drivers and passengers. By ensuring that the facts are recorded by these objective observers, accident victims can often boost the credibility of their case and increase their chances of a fair and generous insurance settlement for their personal injury claim.

Failing to Engage an Experienced Attorney

Retaining proper legal counsel can make a significant difference in protecting the rights of accident victims in personal injury suits. A trained and qualified lawyer can provide valuable guidance in managing communications with insurance companies and the other parties to the suit and in avoiding pitfalls that can arise in the legal process. By engaging a professional attorney with experience in the personal injury field, accident victims can obtain maximum compensation for damages caused by the actions or negligence of others.

Personal injury attorneys can provide more helpful hints in managing these insurance issues and court cases more effectively. Accident victims can ensure that they receive the largest possible settlements by seeking representation from a knowledgeable legal expert.